Our Services

GrowHomeVT offers a single setup to grow cannabis in your home. We provide all the materials, including the growing tent, lights, and growing medium. 

Our technician will come to your home and assemble a complete grow setup. This includes assisting you in setting up the materials and placing the seeds/seedlings in the growing medium. 


You will need a rectangular eight square foot area for your setup. The tent is climate controlled, so the conditions for the growing area will not impact the set up (in most cases). Our technicians are flexible and experienced with installing growing set ups and can work with you to ensure the tent is properly installed and ready to go! 

Currently we service Addison County as well as parts of Rutland and Chittenden counties.

At Home Growing Kit

The Growing Kit is the essential piece of equipment GrowHome VT will supply for you. Once you decide you're ready to grow your own cannabis at home, just Contact Us and set up a consultation to get started. We'll bring the kit to your home, help you install it, and provide the basic instructions to get you started with your at home grow set up!

The Kit includes the following:

  • A 2'x4'x5' Grow Tent

  • A 400w HPS Grow Light with Reflector

  • A Timer

  • A Small fan

  • A Hygrometer

  • A Ventilation Fan with Carbon Filter

  • A Fan Controller

  • Two 5 Gallon Fabric Pots

  • Four 1 Gallon Fabric Pots

  • Plant Nutrients